Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (48.585300, 26.999701)
The views here of the Dneister are beautiful! 

Originally there was a cave monastery here. At some point in history the cliffs fell and most of the cave monastery was lost. Now there is a couple small canves which you can still go and see an idol there and say a prayer if you like. 

There are also some hiking trails that will take you around the bend in the river here if you like to hike. Again the views are amazing the cave monastery was a bit of a let down though. 

On the south side of the Dneister there is a point of land that juts into the river at 48.585291, 26.999710 If you drive around a bridge to cross the river to the south side you can drive out to this point and camp it has even more amazing views!