Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Schevchenko National Park/ Tarasova Gora

Map (49.731602, 31.515699)
If you dont know who Shevchenko is then this place is not that impressive for anything other than its view. If your a fan of his or you are Ukrainian then this is a must see sight!

Here you will find the burial sight of the great Ukrainian author Taras Schevchenko. This memorial complex was opened in 1939 to honor the 125th birthday of Schevchenko. During WWII a labour camp was established here by the Germans. After the war it was renovated and returned to its status as a national park/memorial.

Built on top of a tall hill. You will find a beautiful overview of the Dnepr along with statues of Schevchenko and multiple buildings talking about his life and life in Ukraine in general.