Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (47.849602, 35.068901)

Monty likes to call Hortisya the Mecca of Ukraine. For it is here that every Ukrainian comes to get a glimpse of life in Cossack times. 


The island itself is part of the museum for long long ago there was a Cossack fortress here so there are Cossack sights everywhere on the island. If you want to walk around to the different sights scattered across the island good luck…. There is one central sign that points the direction of things but once you start down the trails there are no more signs and there are dozens of trail criss crossing on the island. 


The main attraction, the Sich Fortress, is interesting but if you don’t read Ukrainian it is not nearly so good. There are a few buildings inside the fortress that depict Cossack life and also a very nice wooden church.