Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Naryshkin Palace Talne

Map (48.872501, 30.697500)
An interesting place we visited and were given a tour of the palace by the local security guard. This guy hasnt been paid for many years but he still stands duty at the palace and now give tours if you show up and ask nicely! This was a park of the Potocki Family that dates back to the mid 1700’s

Built during the turn of the 20th century this palace was designed by a Danish Architect and had all the newest items of the time, including electricity! They even went to far as to build their own small hydroelectric plant nearby. During Soviet times the building was used for a school and a museum and also housed the local politobureau here. After 1991 it was abandoned and since ther have been a few attempts at a renovation but nothing is complete so far.