Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Palace Chetvertinskih

Map (50.320599, 26.792700)
This was an interesting find. The palace looks like nothing else we have seen in Ukraine. The really unique thing about it is there is a monument in front of the palace to a couple that died during Holodimir. Whats unique about it is this couple would of died serving the USSR. They were tasked with taking the food from the village. They went to one poor families house to take their food and the family killed them. So in their honor of having died serving the USSR there was a monument built to them. 

Built in the late 1800’s buy the Prince of Chetvernisky. The palace was designed by German architects. The prince was well loved by the people of the village. Despite his high status he would still go out and work with the local villagers. The prince committed suicide after finding out about his wife’s affair. 

 During Soviet times the palace was used as a sanatorium and a children’s camp. It is now privately owned and in a deteriorating state.