Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Sobansky Palace, Obodovka

Map (48.404701, 29.240101)
This place was AMAZING!!! It was a little hard to find as it is on the property of a boarding school now. If you go through the gates of the school and walk about 50 meters you will see the palace in the forest. It is a complete wreck now but still interesting. 

The palace took over 100 years to reach the size it is now. The original central part was built in 1800 then as the century went additions were made until in 1890 it was complete. It was originally built by a Mikhial Sobanskovo who was a merchant. 

After the Soviet Revolution the palace was used to house various important people before it became the property of a collective farm. After WW2 it again because a house for different executive committees before being turned into a boarding school in 1959. The school is still in operation on the property but in a different building now. The palace was abandoned and left to rot in the early 1990’s. Now it a humongous maze of building mixed with nature for you to explore.