Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Vishnevetsky Palace

Map (49.899300, 25.739300)
This place was amazing! Absolutely beautiful and freshly renovated! 

The first castle was built here in 1395. It burned down and this was put in its place in 1716. At times this was called the Polish Versailles. At one time it had a theater, library, an art gallery and an archive all inside its walls, at once! 

During WW2 the Germans used it as a Gestapo headquarters until a fire in 1944 mostly demolished the building. After the war it was renovated again and used partially as a museum and the rest of the building were many different thing including the local club. 

Now you will find a nice museum and absolutely stunning building that is freshly renovated. The renovation is not 100% complete but it is amazing as it is! 

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