Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Kinburcaya Koca

Map (46.505901, 31.883801)
Just south of Kherson we hear of a place that had amazing nature, a lack of industry and was difficult to reach. Of course we had to try to see it! The road to the city Geroicki (Heroic) was paved but from there the pavement stops and it is just sand track through the rest of the peninsula so we decided to turn back. Was it worth it? Yes we saw a lot of wildlife including birds and deer plus the remoteness gives the area a special feeling.  

First mentioned by the Greeks this place was a sacred area for the Scythians where they performed rituals and left treasures for the gods. Today there are over 400 lakes on this peninsula and it is home to many kinds of birds including swans, pelicons, eagles and pheasant. The main industry is now tourism.