Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Oleshky Sands

Map (46.544701, 32.986301)
It took us two tries and two days to finally give up and call a tour guide to show us how to get into the sands themselves so we could see the desert in its full glory! Was it worth it… That’s debatable we enjoyed it but it was not as much desert as we thought. There is plenty of green throughout the desert but it is interesting and worth a stop if you are in the area 

Oleshky sands is the only desert in Europe, though sometimes its categorized as a semi-desert due to the amount of precipitation it receives. Surrounding the desert is a very dense forest that was planted to keep the dunes from moving. When airplanes were just in their infancy they used them to fly over the desert and through seeds out of in hopes of stopping the desert from growing. During the Soviet Union a large forest was planted around the dunes. It was also used as a bombing range for Soviet Pilots.