Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Verteba Cave

Map (48.788799, 25.871408)
We were lucky enough to visit this cave. The cave is still an archeological sight and still being excavated to this day. When we arrived some of the archeologists were there and were just finishing up for the day. They allowed us into the cave and gave us a tour for 150 grieven. We recommend to bring a flashlight even though there were working lights in the cave.

It is one of the few caves in Ukraine that its known people lived here. Not just a family or two but it appears a whole village was located underground at different periods of time. Then the caves were lost to the world until in the 1800’s a local rich person was out hunting and they were chasing a fox then the fox disappeared. Upon further inspection, they found an entrance to the cave and the rest is history. Most of the very nice things that have been found here are now in display in Poland, is it was Polish territory when they cave was rediscovered.