Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Apple Colony

Map (51.557899, 33.351101)
A 220 year old apple tree!!!???? Yes in Ukraine there is a unique oddity in Sumy Oblast an Apple tree that has survived over 2 centuries. 

Nobody knows exactly how this happened or why but its interesting. The original apple tree was planted 220 years ago and as it aged its branches sagged so low and lay on the ground. They eventually developed roots of their own and so on and so on. The apples it produces are called “lozovka” locally and are medium sized and sweet. 

It is said it was planted by a prince and when he died the tree mourned his death and its branches dropped to the ground and kept growing. The prince is buried underneath the apple tree. Scientist have studied thie tree and tried to recreate it but they have never been able to.