Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Chizay Winery

Map (48.225021, 22.641069)
They are rather new to the wine industry but already things are going good for them! We stopped in for a tour and degustation and we were not disappointed. A typical tour is rather short just to go see where the wine ferments and then its off to the tasting! With 10 different wines to be tried nobody will leave disappointed.

Founded in 1995 Chizay is doing well now. Their vineyards are in a traditional area for wine country. For many years this was where wine was produced until the Soviets cut the vineyards down in the 80’s. Chizay came in and with plants from Austria started the vineyards again and started producing wine. 

050-432-05-25 (for detailed information and order of excursion, wine tour)