Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Arnheim Line Bunker

Map (48.734348, 22.981110)
One of the largest Bunkers in Ukraine! It was originally built by Hungary, when this part of the country was part of Hungary. It is now privately owned and the customer service here is very good. The inside of the bunker is well maintained and clean. We went on a tour of the bunker but honestly its not needed. If you read you can read Ukrainian the sign in front of the bunker says exactly what the tour guide said. It is also rather chilly inside so a jacket would be a good idea. 

Built in the 1930’s it is a monstrous bunker located under a mountain. With over 1500 meters of tunnels to go through it takes about 2 hours total. The bunker never saw much serious action. There was some skirmishes during WW2 that around the bunker they fought for about 2 weeks but nothing major. 

We were glad we stopped here. Natasha doesn’t like military sights and even she enjoyed stopping here and walking through the bunker