Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Kodak Fortress

Map (48.382999, 35.139000)
This place was rather boring. Honestly there is nothing there now except a few small hills and a small quarry. If you are near Dnipro and need a camping spot or a place to have a picnic it is worth your time. 

Built in 1635 by the Polish but after it was built a surprise attack by Cossacks resulted in them capturing and destroying the fortress. The Poles didn’t give up. This time hiring a German Architect to design and build a fortress that was 3 times larger. Again it was captured by the Cossacks and any survivors or defectors were killed by the Polish for giving up the fortress. 

The site is only a few ruins now because the Soviets started a quarry on the site to destroy it further to erase all history of Polish influence on Ukraine.