Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Sich Fortress on Hortisya

Map (47.850101, 35.075001)
This is perhaps best described as Mecca for Ukrainians. The island that this fortress sits on is called Hortisa. The crown jewel of the island is the Sich Fortress. There has been a fortress on this island since ancient Cossack times the earliest known was from the middle 1500’s. 

Now the fortress is more of a representation of Cossack life. You can walk from building to building exploring what life was like in Cossack times. 

From the kitchen to the weapons they used it is all here. Monty did not really understand this museum. Firstly there is no English so you are left to use your imagination as to what everything is. For Monty the best part of the museum was the amazing view you have of the huge damn on the Dnepr river. A must see for Ukrainians but for foreigners its not the best museum.