Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (49.019379, 25.796804)
An interesting little town in Ternopil Region. We came for the castle that is here and stayed for a few hours exploring the town. 
The castle itself is rather infamous. Originally build in the 14th century from wood by a Polish Magnate it was designed to be a Monastery. Then someone decided that the location is so terrible it should be turned into a defensive castle. The castle was taken dozens of times through the centuries and usually with success as the castle occupies the low ground so every point around is higher giving the attackers the advantage. 

In the city there was one amazing beautiful Catholic Church again built by Polish in the 18th century. A huge stone church with an elaborate interior with some very interesting and rather strange paintings on the walls. 

A little outside of the city center there was also a humongous new church built. The outside of the church is mostly down and can be seen from a huge distance. The inside is not finished yet but they are already holding services there.