Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (50.472900, 34.958900)
A wonderful little town in Sumy Oblast that is ready and waiting for tourist to come check it out.  

50.46470 34.95381 First thing we stopped at was their nice church on the edge of town. It’s a red brick church that’s nothing special be nice to see. Across the street from it is a memorial park to all the wars and tragedies of Ukraine. 

50.47356 34.95751 From there we saw what looked like a castle of some sort but was actually a giant stone outdoor theater. It was built in 1759 and is the largest example of a publicly constructed building in North-Eastern Ukraine. Behind it there is a nice pond and palace that was originally built in 1762. It was rebuilt numerous times throughout history until what you see today. 

50.473925, 34.913313 The last place we saw was the former estate of a huge palace. Inside the estate there is now a wonderful park you can walk through along with the remains of the Nymph Grotto. Getting here is a little challenging but as you walk you will pass some 200+ year old Oak Trees growing in the park.