Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (49.257351, 26.252275)
There are two castles in Sataniv, or maybe we should say the remains of two castles. Dating back to the times of the Tartar raids. Built sometime in the 15th century there isn’t much that remains to this day. 

One castle has a couple pieces of wall and one tower that is in terrible condition. The second just has a tower that you can go through. Neither of them are particularly impressive. 

One thing we did find in the area that was quiet interesting was a man made “waterfall”. It is located at the coordinates 49.245361, 26.218636 it was quiet interesting! Easily a hundred people here relaxing swimming and using the waterfall to have fun. There is also some mineral water here that is drinkable and said to be good for your health.