Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (50.328300, 26.522699)
The town of Ostrog is rather famous in Ukraine. It was the location of the first publishing pace in Ukraine and has plenty of things to see. The crowning jewel of Ostrog is the castle. 

50.326511, 26.522251 Built in the 14th century there isn’t much left today. To get to the castle you have to walk through a nice park then the castle is located on a beautiful overlook. As you look out from the castle you can see a monastery in the distance. 

50.307137, 26.490064 The Mezyerich Moastery is worth the time to get there. It has been newly remodeled and the inside is spectacular. 

As you drive around Ostrog you will find the remains of some of the original watch towers spread throughout the town. Be sure to stop and check them out. Some of them have museums located inside that are interesting.