Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (48.675301, 28.858101)
This was a beautiful town that really surprised us! If your hungry on the street directly in front of the Potocki Palace there is a nice little pizza place! Overall a very beautiful town that is worth seeing. 

The crowning jewel of Tulchyn is the Potocki Palace! Built in the 1780’s according to the principals of Palladian Architecture, everything is symmetrical. The estate consists of 3 separate buildings one of which is beautifully restored a second is under restoration and the third is waiting its turn. 

The palace has a direct view of a beautiful huge cathedral that is just up the street!. If you go to the cathedral and turn right and continue down the street you will come to a huge green building, you cant miss it. This building was built in the late 1700’s for a famous Russian General Aleksander Suvorov. 

Today the building is a veterinary school A little further down the street still is a very nice memorial park. With monuments to every major war or happening in the last 100 years in Ukraine.  

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