Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (45.341900, 28.834499)
A nice little town that is about as far south as you can go in Ukraine. Its not on a main tourist trail but it is very interesting to see.

Ruled by multiple kingdoms from Moldova, Turkey, Russia Romania and finally now part of Ukraine. Probably the best-known history of Izmail comes from the fortress that once stood here. The Ottoman Turks built a fortress they boasted was impregnable. Then in 1791 Russia attacked the fortress and captured it. This was an embarrassing defeat for the Turks and a rousing victory for Russia! 

The fortress unfortunately no longer exists. Being dismantled throughout history now the oldest building in town is a Mosque that was built in the 15th century that houses a diorama to the 1791 Russian victory.  

If you come to Izmail don’t forget to see the giant blue Pokrovsky Cathedral in the city center. Built in the 1800’s it is a sight to behold both inside and out!