Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine


Map (49.821800, 34.534500)
Dikanka is a village that is famous in Ukraine thanks to the works of Gogol. There are a few things in the village that are interesting. The village isn’t far from Poltava and the road to get here in in good condition. We highly recommend making the trip! 

49.82398 34.52382 The Holy Trinity Church Built in 1780 it played a major setting in Gogol’s book Evenings in Dikanka. It is a beautiful church set in the middle of town. 

49.80529 34.53635 600-800 year old Oak Trees. There used to be over 60 of these trees but today only 4 survive. They would have been the entrance way a grand estate many years ago. Now you can come and gaze in wonder at the size of these behemoths of nature. 

49.80352 34.55276 Victory Arch. This is considered the only monument on Ukrainian land that is dedicated to the victory over Napoleons army