Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

We visited this place on the recommendation of a friend we met while we were traveling. There are road signs pointing the way to this village and the last 5 km or so is dirt and very slippery when wet. We finally made it to the village but didn’t know where to go. About 50% of the village is abandoned. We met a very nice man who pointed us in the direction of the church and it was very nice. This is the village that is the capitol for old believers. There are three churches here the biggest and most famous was built with money donated by a family from Moscow. It is said that this family donated the money because they didn’t allow their son to marry the woman he loved so he killed himself. To deal with the guilt from that tragedy they donated the money to build this church. The materials were all brought in from Russia for its construction. The biggest church is only used in the summer as it isn’t heated and is too cold in the winter. There was another church built for winter services. There is also a museum here but it was closed and we aren’t sure of when, or who to talk to, it opens. The main church really is beautiful and worth taking the time to see. We weren’t able to go inside unfortunately so come on Sunday during services to visit the interior. There is also an Old Believer museum not far from the cathedral, which is supposed to work Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 with a lunch break (13-14). Thursday is a day off. But since there are almost no visitors, it is better to make a preliminary call and arrange an excursion: 096-42-442-13 In Ukrainian or Russian