Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Zagorovsky Monastery (Novy Zagerov Monastery)

Map (50.666599, 24.609900)
 A cool little place set on a hill. With beautiful green rolling hills, all around this was a great place to come to and relax! 

Zagorovsky Monastery was first mentioned in 1492. From the 15-17th century the village and the monastery belonged to the Zagorowski family. 

The most famous part of its history is the story of how it was destroyed. During the Second World War in September 1942, there was a battle of a platoon of 44 soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the youngest of whom was 16 years old, the German forces numbered ten times greater. The Ukrainian insurgents settled on the monastery, as the most suitable for defense with a big building that had deep cellars. The Germans stormed the monastery for several days until the tanks and air support were colled in. Nevertheless 12 soldiers survived and managed to escape from the encirclement. Near the monastery is a monument to this heroic battle.