Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Castle and Church in Vysichka

Map (48.787041, 25.986938)
Another place we stumbled on by accident and were so glad we did! We were in the valley headed towards Borschiv when we saw this church on top of a hill. The road to get to it was very steep and gravel so a bit challenging but we made it. To our surprise there was not only the ruins of a castle but a church as well! 

The abandoned church had another church  next to it that had been there since 1763! It was rather strange to walk through the ruins of one church while hearing the singing coming from next door. 

The Castle is in ruins with almost nothing left. We met an old Shepard who told us that when the Soviets came in 1939 there was a beautiful Polish palace and park but they destroyed it. The castle still exist but in 1992 the city decided to tear more of it down. Continuing much of the destruction the Soviets brought.