Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Palanok Castle

Map (48.430401, 22.687599)
One of the nicest preserved castles you will find in Zarkarpatia region. This castle cost 30 grieven to get in to walk around. One of the most impressive things you will notice as you walk around is a huge deep water well in the castle center. 

Originally built by Hungarians in the 14th century it has passed through hundreds of hands over the years. It was rebuilt and fortified by French Engineers at one point. For almost 100 years it was used as a prison. During the advance of Napoleon, the crown of St. Stephen was kept here for safe keeping. 

The castle has 130 rooms and is divided into 3 sections upper, middle and lower. Originally it was surrounded by a large and deep moat. If your in the area stop by. It would be better to take a tour through the castle and hear all the legends associated with it.