Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Castle Stary Selo

Map (49.701900, 24.193600)
An interesting Castle just outside of Lviv. There isn’t much left inside the castle. It`s just walls that stand as the wall and an empty courtyard. Would be a wonderful place for a picnic or camping. 

Built as a wooden fortress in 1448 the original fortress was burned sometime in the late 1400’s. It was then rebuilt from stone in the 1580’s. Unfortunately, it was taken and destroyed by Khmelnystky’s Cossacks in 1648. What you see today was built around 1650 by one of the last members of the Ostrogski family. Inside a palace would of stood where Prince Zaslawski would of resided. Once the prince died in 1656 the palace was allowed to deteriorate into what you see today.