Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Pinew Castle

Map (48.622501, 24.554701)

Beautiful Castle Ruins. You can drive right into the castle and park in the courtyard. There are also plenty of places to camp in the courtyard if you like. The road to get here was in good condition and we really enjoyed it.  


Built in the 16th century Pinew Castle is mostly ruins today but rather well cared for. For over 100 years this was the largest castle in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Originally the castle would have had a mot around it and a draw bridge to enter. In the 1700s the castle was sold to a family who tried to restore it and began using it for a home. Due to the constantly changing borders it was difficult and the castle slowly degraded until it was finally abandoned. It is famous for a rather large amount of underground passages. Some of them are still accessible including the passage to the dungeon!