Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Castle Kurisov

Map (46.964001, 30.965099)
This place was a little tricky to find. You cant drive right to it as it is located in some sort of school/sporting area that is closed to vehicles. Once we found the castle it was enclosed in another fence with an old man living inside who demanded we pay him 50 greiven each we wanted to see the castle. We refused to pay and just saw it from the outside of the fence. Still a very stunning castle and worth the effort! 

Built between 1810-1820 by an officer Kurisov from Russia. The castle was rebuit by his son in 1891 in the Moorish style and an English park was planted behind the palace. Now it is all abandoned and falling apart. If you want to see it hurry! Who knows how much longer this beautiful piece of architecture will be around!