Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Kurdryntsi Castle

Map (48.621906, 26.292068)
This castle was difficult to get to. The road we used was gravel but not very well maintained. The roacks in the road were the size of grapefruits and it was difficult to manage. The local people were using their normal cars to get here so it is doable. You will have to walk the last 500 meters and its uphill to get to the castle. 

Built in the early 17th century on top of a mountain the castle is in a very picturesque location. We could see it from a great distance as we were approaching. On two sides of the castle are steep cliffs to the river below. The castle was well defensed but not invincible. It was conqured by the the Turks twice and lastly by Cossacks led by Maxim Krivonos. 

Legend says that when the Turks captured the castle they had a girl enclosed inside one of the walls and her spirit still haunts the castle to this day.