Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Khotyn Castle

Map (48.521252, 26.498583)
One of the best known castles in Ukraine. It was the movie set for many a Soviet mid-evil themed film. Therefore it was well taken care of over the last 100 years. It costs 25 grieven a person to enter and it is crowded but worth the visit! 

First built in 1325 with upgrades occurring throughout the years the castle is still standing strong to this day. In more recent history in 1918-1919 the castle was occupied by 5 different countries Russia, Ukraine, Moldovia, Austria-Hungary and Romania…  

The castle is on the list of 7 National Ukrainian Wonders and for good reason. The restoration done on the castle is top notch. Many small details were added to make it seem like you are really walking back into time. 

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