Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Pomoroski Castle

Map (49.629700, 24.938400)
It is falling apart. It appears they are trying to stop it from falling to pieces but it is not clear. A lot of wooden framework has been made to support the building so its hard to see exactly what is there now. 

Built in the 1600’s the castle stood up to many Tartar raids from 1687-1695. In the early 1700’s it slowly decayed until it was bought by a noble man who made it into a residence, though he had many parts of the original castle torn down. As recently as 1939 it was owned by the Potocki family. After WW2 it was turned into a school and then in the mid 1970’s left to rot and die. Not very interesting really due to the horrible state of the building. 

The road to get here was just being remodeled though so getting here should be much easier in the future.