Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Chervonograd Castle

Map (48.804005, 25.596495)
From afar as you approach this castle it is unreal! It is located on a bend in the river and high above the river that once flowed below! You see the ruins of the castle and another building as you approach. Then as you wind your way down the incredibly horrible road you get to the entrance to the castle only to see it closed because there is a childrens camp there. So you have to walk around the camp and then and only then you can get access to the castle and former church that still stand here. 

History here dates back to the 9th century. The castle you see though is not nearly that old. After being destroyed multiple time it was restored in the early 19th century by a Polish family. Then changed hands many times and many times. The area is rich with history and mystery. There are tunnels under the castle that are still accessible. It is said they lead to a near by cave where a monk used to live and now the cave is guarded by a headless knight…

 Its interesting and worth visiting if for nothing else just past the castle is a very nice waterfall with nice places to camp.