Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Tarakanov Fortress

Map (50.363541, 25.713972)
A favorite of Monty's!!! We roamed around this fortress for hours trying to find all the little nooks and crannies. Its free to enter and explore! The last 250 meters to get to it is on a dirt road that can be rough in dry conditions and slippery in wet conditions.  

Finished in 1890 where the Russian border met the Austrian Empire. Tarakanov Fort is a massive complex surrounded by a moat. It was first tested in 1915, during the first world war. During WW2 the Germans captured it and, rumour has it, used it as a place to experiment with secret weapons. They filled a few rooms full of cement when they retreated. Abandoned since WW2 it is now in ruins just perfect for exploring! 

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