Here are some abandoned places that we discovered in Ukraine

Khust Castle

Map (48.173779, 23.294310)
An awesome castle with an amazing view! It’s a long steep walk to get there but it is worth it! 

Taking 100 years to build it was started in 1090. It was first conquered in 1242. It became part of Transylvania in the 1500’s. Was involved in dozens of wars until finally in 1766 it was struck 3 times by lightning and burned. Whats left are the remnants of the stone walls. 

There is a legend about a king that when he went to battle with the Tartars he took his daughter to her grandmothers but left his wife and son at the castle. The Tartars captured the castle and took his wife and son away. His wife was killed but his son was accepted as a Tartar. The king ordered the death of any Tartars in the area Many years later his beautiful daughter met a young boy that told her he was Tartar. The king was away hunting so his men decided to carry out his order. Before they could the daughter noticed that the young boy had the same birthmark as her. She tried to reach her father hunting but when they returned his son was already killed. The king committed suicide and the daughter went made. Now she still returns at sunset to mourn the death of her brother.